Anthracite Themed Envoy - Prebuilt

Make typing an experience worth looking forward to with the Envoy, a 65% mechanical keyboard ready to take center stage on your desk. Its white chassis and grey accents make for a fully Anthracite-themed design down to the keycaps and switches.

Offered for the first time as a prebuilt kit, hand-built by our team in Massachusetts.

Chassis: White E-coated Aluminum

Accent: Grey Anodized Aluminum

Weight: Grey Anodized Aluminum

Plate: FR4

PCB: Hotswap

Switches: Anthracite Silent Tactile

Keycaps: Anthracite

Weight: 1.24 kg

Built with PE Foam, Plate Foam, Durock V2 Stabilizers, & Lattice Mounting Blocks

Also Included:

1x Carrying Case

6x Solid Black Mounting Blocks

1x 2 Meter Mode USB A-C Cable

1x Screwdriver, Driver Bits & Keycap/Switch Puller

1x Full Anthracite Keycap Set

1x Case Foam

More about the Envoy

Fully assembled and ready to type
Effortless Set-Up

Ready to go the moment it arrives. There's no assembly required—simply plug in and get to typing.

Handcrafted Excellence

Every Envoy keyboard is more than just a piece of tech—it's a labor of love. Assembled and meticulously tested by hand, our team in Massachusetts has ensured that each Pre-assembled Envoy has met our high standards.

Silent Yet Satisfying

Outfitted with our Anthracite silent tactile switches, the Envoy offers an ultra-quiet keystroke. It's the ideal choice for shared spaces, ensuring that your typing doesn't disturb those around you without missing out on the satisfaction of tactile switches.

Dreamy Typing Experience

Utilizing an industry first Lattice Block Mount system you can tune your typing experience to be more flexible or responsive in minutes by simply swapping out the blocks used. 

Effortless Set-Up
Handcrafted Excellence
Silent Yet Satisfying
Dreamy Typing Experience