The New SixtyFive
Now Available for pre-order

Originally launched in 2021, the SixtyFive ushered in a new era for mechanical keyboards featuring a bold yet refined design and unparalleled customization. After three years of learning, growing, and listening closely to the voices of our community, we find ourselves ready to bring back one of our most popular keyboards ever. For us this project was a labor of love and we went into it with great care and attention to detail in order to preserve the defining elements of the original SixtyFive while simultaneously revisiting every detail to bring the board up to date with the advancements we’ve made over the years.

All in the details

The design of the SixtyFive is at a glance simple, but upon a closer look every inch of the board has subtle detailing and thoughtful decisions that all contribute to a harmonious blend of materials, textures, and accents.

Magnetizing Design, Snap-on Simplicity

Embrace a keyboard that's as dynamic as you are. With magnetizing design and snap-on simplicity, redefine your workspace.

Make it heavy

The bottom weight and badge allow you to add more heft to your board while also provide a visual point of interest.

Or go even heavier

The two-piece design allows for the use of full-copper or brass bottoms which provide a shocking amount of heft to the board.

Our most versatile mounting system

The new SixtyFive retains the classic isolated top mount while introducing our new mounting block system.
Isolated Top Mount

A springy responsive typing feel that typically has a lower pitched sound signature.

Solid Block

The stiffest most responsive typing feel.

Black Lattice Block

Slightly less stiff than the solid block.

Half Lattice Block

A medium-soft typing feel.

Green Lattice Block

The softest typing feel available.

Isolated Top Mount
Solid Block
Black Lattice Block
Half Lattice Block
Green Lattice Block
Key Features


macOS, Windows, and Linux support


Create and edit layouts using QMK/VIA


Easy assembly that requires no extra tools, with the option to change switches anytime

Multiple Mounting Styles

Achieve a variety of sound profiles and typing feels

LED Underglow

Customizable LED underglow

Optional Sound Dampening

Foam available to dampen and deepen the sound profile

How to get it

The SixtyFive starts at just $249. Pre-orders are now open and are estimated to ship in June.


The SixtyFive will move to in-stock status shortly after the pre-orders are fulfilled. There are no current plans to end orders for the SixtyFive.

The SixtyFive starts from $249.

The production batch is already en route to us for fulfillment estimated to start in June 2024

Hotswap supports stepped caps and 7U bottom row. Solder supports both these options and split left shift, split backspace, and ISO Enter.

No, the SixtyFive has a newly designed accent piece that is not compatible with previous Mode keyboards.

No, the SixtyFive has newly designed mounting blocks that are not compatible with previous Mode keyboards.

Our new 65% PCB featuring underglow is compatible with the SixtyFive (2021). Original SixtyFive (2021) PCBs are not compatible with the new Mode SixtyFive. The SixtyFive (2021) plate is compatible with modification to the plate, although this is not recommended.

The SixtyFive uses the same PCB as the Envoy but will require the new SixtyFive plate.

Yes, one is included with configurator orders.

Yes, we have select vendors around the world that will be available for the first batch of the Mode SixtyFive. Shipping timeline and pricing for each vendor may vary, but a safe estimate for pre-orders placed through vendors is September 2024. Each individual vendor will be able to provide more accurate details around their delivery dates. Here is a complete list of our partner vendors:

Technical Specs


Typing Angle: 5.5 degrees

Front Height: 19.5 mm

Width: 313mm

Depth: 114mm

Weight: 1.5lbs-6lbs assembled

PCB & Layout

Thickness: 1.6mm

Options: Hotswap or Solder

Firmware: QMK/VIA supported



Case: Aluminum, Polycarbonate

Accent: Aluminum, Steel, Brass, Wood

Weight: Alu, Copper, Brass

Plate: POM, FR4, Aluminum, Carbon Fiber, Copper, Polycarbonate, Polypropylene, Nylon

Box Contents

Keyboard Chassis

Feet and Mounting Blocks

PCB + Daughterboard

Carry Case


Keycap and Switch Puller

Various Fasteners